Best Native Advertising Certification Courses and Training: 2022

Advertising has become highly prevalent in the current world, so much so that people have started to overlook it. The phenomenon of banner blindness occurs more often than not, and users tend to overlook ads that are delivered in an overbearing manner. One of the ways in which banner blindness can be combated is by the creation of more intrusive ads like popup ads or to make ads very relevant. They work alright but are not effective enough in overcoming the problem. Native ads became an excellent solution to this problem, and these are ads that blend into the content. Their popularity has been growing over the years, and native ads help marketers reach their target audiences. These ads work better because they do not look like ads. They generally come under the tag of ‘sponsored’ and show up on many news blogs or aggregate content. Their increased popularity makes it essential for every marketer to know this well. There are some of the best native advertising courses available online which will teach you everything about this and to work with it. 

Best Native Advertising Certification Courses and Training: 2021

Native media buying has become an integral part of digital marketing and media buying strategy. If you want to upgrade your media buying skills, a crash course on native advertising is imperative. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best  native advertising certification courses and training materials that can help you achieve the same. 

1. Udemy- Complete Native Advertising Course

The high-quality and affordable course by Udemy introduces you to native advertising, right from the basics. For someone who has not worked with native ads before, this course will be beneficial. You will also learn the reason why digital marketers are shifting their efforts to native advertising and the plethora of reasons you should too. This course is priced at USD 35.5, but they also give out several offers where you might find this for lesser. They will cover the various kinds of native ads and the strategies and tactics you can adopt for better revenues. They will go through the guidelines and general practices, measure success, optimize KPIs, and more.

2. Coursera- Free Online Native Advertising Course

They understand how compelling native advertising is and have brought a simple course to give you everything you need to know. They outline a case study where a small travel startup used native advertising to drive hotel sales. They would cover execution strategies for a successful, no-creative native campaign are laid out, including gathering existing news coverage, ethical content seeding, and content generation. It is excellent for someone at the beginner level, and you can reset deadlines by your schedule. They have made the course available in various languages, and it would take about seven hours to complete. You will learn how to target audiences, execute campaigns in Taboola, and develop content seeding strategies via incentive programs.

3. James Van Elswyk- Native Ads MasterClass

James Van Elswyk is known to eat and breathe affiliate media buying, and he shows students start to finish strategies tactics that can be copied and pasted into their campaigns. All of those are underpinned by theoretical ways to make money via native ads. In this course, you will learn how to take your Affiliate success into your own hands and learn to source the best offers, build the best creatives, take the correct measurements, build the proper tests, and optimize your results to massive profitability. You can get the free trials and see how you like it. He has laid out an entire curriculum about native advertising, and he teaches you how to do native ads correctly.

4. The Native Advertising Institute- Grow Your Revenue

The native advertising institute helps media companies build a reliable revenue stream for your publication with engaging and credible content. They allow you lead the native advertising movement with your own brand studio. You can learn from the best at their workshops, where they help you build a brand studio in just two days, and you can massively boost revenue from native ads. The Native Advertising Powerhouse Masterclass is for media companies of all sizes, whether you’ve been offering native ads for a while or just getting started. It will teach you a solid framework for developing your own successful native ads studio. You will gain the skills and knowledge needed to offer branded content with an impact.

5. Fiverr- Reach More Customers with Taboola

The course costs 32 USD and is for advertisers and, basically, anyone who wants to explore the world of content discovery. It will teach you the essentials for creating, managing, and optimizing a successful native campaign with Taboola. They will familiarize you with the mindset online users are in when they encounter a native advertisement. They will teach you how to create content that is tailored to that user’s experience – thus maximizing engagement with your brand and talk about tracking and measurement and what you should be considering when following how users come to discover your brand. And finally, they will apply all that you’ve learned into building your campaigns so you can be that user’s newly discovered interest.

Above, we have highlighted the best native advertising courses that you can enroll for and learn everything about native advertising. It has become essential for marketers to know how to work with this because native ads are seemingly the future of digital marketing, and they work excellently. They are highly relevant, and the users relate and engage more with them. 

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