10+ Best High CPM Native Ad Networks for Publishers: 2022

Native ads seem to be the future of the advertising industry. These are ads that look and match the form of the content that they appear in. These are paid content that does not interrupt the user’s experience and, in fact, compliments it. There is a great chance that you have seen these ads in the form of sponsored content or under the recommended section. The true native ads are very cohesive and well-integrated with the editorial content and style and tone and necessarily provide the audience’s information. These are difficult to spot because of the organic manner in which they blend with the content. It is given that native ads generally have higher CPMs and generate good revenues. In this article, we would discuss the best high CPM native ad networks for publishers.

Does Native Ads Yield High CPMs?

The fact that native ads are blended into the content makes it a more seamless option and a much pricier one. It is a premium creative type, whose CPMs range from 2-9 USD depending upon the targeting layers, geographic locations, etc. Native ads undoubtedly seem to be more reliable and trustworthy than other ad formats, bringing them higher click-through rates and eventually better conversion rates. This makes them have high CPMs.

Best High CPM Native Ad Networks for Publishers and Bloggers: 2021

Here is a look at some of the best and highest paying native CPM ad networks across the industry. Publishers and bloggers can join these networks to monetize their ad spaces along with Google AdSense and see incremental revenue of around 10-30%. 

1. Taboola: Best High CPM Native Ad Networks for Tier 1 Traffic

The world’s leading content discovery and native ads platform, Taboola plays a huge role in reaching your customers on the websites they trust and drive business results by reaching people in a genuine, effective manner and at the right moment. More than 10,000 digital properties use Taboola to acquire new audiences, increase engagement, and drive revenue. Their feed gives the scrolling newsfeed experience consumers love on social networks right to your pages and helps you build audiences from their vast network.


  • Their Taboola Feed brings the scrolling newsfeed experience consumers love on social networks right to your pages.
  • Taboola Newsroom empowers editorial and audience teams to enhance content with actionable data insights, A/B testing, and alerts.
  • They help acquire audiences at positive ROI, keep them longer on your site, and track revenue per visit.

Taboola CPM Rates: Ranges from 2 cents to 5 USD.

2. Revcontent: Best CPM Native Ad Network for Worldwide Traffic 

The leading content marketing platform, Revcontent, helps connect advertisers to highly engaged audiences through technology and direct partnerships with the world’s premier digital publishers. It empowers publishers to drive meaningful revenue streams and audience engagement through mutually beneficial business partnerships. 


  • Guaranteed revenue uplift
  • Unique, first-party demand
  • Lighter, faster content recommendation technology
  • Smaller page footprint
  • Granular brand-safety and content quality controls

Revcontent CPM Rates: Ranges from 30 cents to 3 USD.

3. Verizon Media Native: Premium Native Ad Network for Publishers

The only marketplace that offers search and native advertising in one advertising platform, Verizon Media Native, offers native solutions to empower you with insightful data, brand-safe premium content, and advanced technologies to deliver engaging advertising campaigns that drive results. They help you drive traffic to your website, raise brand awareness, promote your app, and increase your online sales. 


  • Helps engage with audiences at any stage of their digital journey with our diverse data and targeting mix.
  • You can access simplified monetization solutions across all formats and devices and discover advanced reporting, and yield optimizing capabilities for increased efficiency.

Verizon CPM Rates: Ranges from 20 cents to 4 USD.

Best High CPM Native Ad Networks for Tier 2 Traffic

If you have a substantial volume of traffic from tier 2 countries, then the following native ad networks should be your preferred choice, along with the ones recommended above. 

4. Content.ad: Best Native Ad Network for EU Traffic

Known to help deliver your brand to millions of consumers worldwide via our network of 66,000+ approved digital publishers, Content.ad has advanced advertising methods that drive engaged consumers directly to products they want and need. They help you put your website to work and start generating revenue with our high-yielding Native Ad widgets. It allows you to customize native content to match your site’s style and sensibilities.


  • They guarantee 100% fill and industry-leading revenue rates from a deep pool of advertisers.
  • They offer fully responsive units for mobile, tablet and desktop, and adapt automatically to your page.
  • They have rich reporting and publisher controls and automated optimization.

Content.ad CPM Rates: Ranges from 5 cents to 2 USD.

5. Adsnative: Best Native Ad Network for Mobile Apps

Strategically positioned in the advertising industry, AdsNative’s modern ad stack attracts savvy mobile publishers and app developers. They have recognized digital advertising while their end-to-end monetization software opens the way for app developers to sell unique ad formats. Their groundbreaking technology helps advertisers with a flexible API, easily integrating ad-serving functionality in a publisher’s CMS. 


  • Highly competitive eCPM payout from diverse advertisers and innovative ad formats
  • It offers a detailed and user-friendly dashboard where you can control your data and monetization performance. 
  • It helps monetize your app and grow your audience with an easy-to-integrate SDK

Adsnative CPM Rates: Expect the CPM rates to hover anywhere around USD 1 to USD 3. 

6. ZergNet: Top Native Ad Network and Exchange

Known to help you grow your business without compromising quality, ZergNet is the platform choice for publishers. They are committed to protecting the publishing ecosystem’s integrity by delivering only the highest quality content recommendations and providing 100% pure editorial content. They bring over 3 million daily visitors to premier content sites including AOL, Time Inc, CBS, IAC, NBC, Viacom, News Corp, Wenner, Warner Bros, and many others. 


  • Great CPMs and 100% fill rates
  • Unlimited widget customization
  • Simple integration
  • Real-time reporting

Zergnet CPM Rates: The in-page CPM rates can go as high as USD 5 for news and media sites with good international traffic. 

7. Plista: Premium Native Ad Network for Digital Publishers

The global platform, Plista helps turn content into the business. Their widgets are seamlessly integrated into the design of your website and offer you maximum flexibility. You can easily combine articles, videos, and advertising in countless ways to captivate readers and immerse them in your content. 


  • Create new, valuable ad inventory and maximize your revenue with sustainable impact.
  • It helps increase the loyalty of your users by encouraging longer visit duration and greater visit depth.
  • It helps assure that high-quality traffic within your website or domain portfolio is guided exactly where you want it to go

Plista CPM Rates: This native ad network offers attractive CPM rates for EU markets. 

Best High CPM Native Ad Networks for Asian Traffic

If you have a substantial volume of traffic from Asian countries like India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and more, then the following native ad networks should be your preferred choice, along with the ones recommended above. 

8. Colombia: Best Native Ad Network for Indian Publishers

With Colombia, you can become a part of the largest premium network. You can earn robust ad dollars and good CPC rates. The best thing about Colombia is that the network can monetize websites with regional content and every vertical. In fact, you can also advertise in Colombia to grow your overall traffic. 


  • Leverage an in-bound suite of marketing tools to grow and engage your loyal users with personalized mailers, push notifications, and subscription messaging across platforms.
  • Helps drive maximum value for your content through fair auction from top demand aggregators, including Google and Facebook

Colombia CPM Rates: Except CPM rates to hover around USD 1. 

9. Outbrain: Best Native Ad Network in South Asia

Outbrain helps you manage, control, and monetize your content on the vast open web. Their feed technology empowers media companies and publishers to compete with the walled gardens on audience acquisition, engagement, and retention. They have partnered with the most recognized media outlets, and they all use Outbrain’s native technology. With their index of quality brands, publishers can quickly maximize their RPM, and their optimization ensures audiences stay engaged and onsite. The publishers have complete control over the editorial content and can better understand their consumers to optimize their experience.


  • Get the highest and best RPMs
  • Their optimization ensures audiences stay engaged and onsite.
  • They help get a better understanding of your consumers to optimize their experience.

Outbrain CPM Rates: Ranges from 15 cents to 1.12 USD.

Native ads have proved to be very effective and helpful. Over the years, intrusive and persistent ads have annoyed the users and made them use multiple ad blockers. Other than that, users have developed a phenomenon called banner blindness which makes them ignore conventional ads. Native ads became an excellent solution for situations like that because they are blended in the content so that the users seem to miss it. It is a given that they would have higher CPMs and better yields. In this article, you must have gotten a good understanding of the best high CPM native ad networks for publishers. 

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