Best Native Advertising Examples of 2021- 2022: Brand Campaigns

Native advertising is simply paid content and covers everything from articles, infographics, videos, and more. If content producers make it, corporations will buy it and publish it; the platforms would promote it. To be a true native advertisement, the content must be aligned with the site’s editorial style and tone. It must also provide a similar kind of information that the audience expects. It makes the native ads challenging to identify because they blend with the content organically.

This has become more challenging because there are no real defined, set-down rules or guidelines on the ways the publishers have to label the native ads. Native advertising is not essentially the same thing as content advertising, but there are several overlaps between these two, and the similarily causes confusion. In this article, we will talk about the best native advertising examples. Before that, we would discuss the importance of native ads and how it resonates with the users. Three out of every four publishers offer at least some kind of native advertising. More than 53% of the users prefer native advertising. Over 90% of the users engage with native ads.

Best Native Advertising Examples of 2020-2021: Brand Campaigns

Here are some of the most engaging and interesting native advertising examples of brand campaigns that you can take a look at. 

1. Spotify, Stranger Things

Two brands known for their utility of user data and making use of it to create unique and relevant experiences are Netflix and Spotify. The platforms had partnered in 2017 to form an amazing and unique native advertisement that garnered a lot of attention and resonated with the audience. When Netflix’s Stranger Things premiered, Spotify introduced a Stranger things mode where users could enter, and they would find a playlist assigned to them based on a character from the show. This was given as sponsored and had a distinctive design and look. It still managed to be integrated into the aesthetic of Spotify and stands as a great example of elite native advertising.

2. The Onion, Woman Going to Take Quick Break After Filling Out Name, Address on Tax Forms

The Onion is impeccable at native advertising. This one was created for their client- H&R Block, and its content and the way it was positioned classifies it as a native ad than a simple traditional sponsored ad. This was published in 2012 when it was framed in several vertical and horizontal banners. Even if the visitors chose not to click, the ad was great because it increased brand awareness. The content was not specifically about H&R Block but addressed the typical, bland topics like taxes in a manner that made it seem attractive. 

3. Buzzfeed, Quotes Every Grad Needs to Read

One of the most successful viral content companies on the internet is Buzzfeed. The site had opened up its readers to sponsors. In their community pages, you would find brands like publishing giant Harper Collins. The posts on the community section are not advertised by their editorial, which means that the brands have paid to put themselves out there before the Buzzfeed audience simply. It came with their logo and social share buttons. Timeliness is a significant factor in this, and the time it was published was coinciding with the graduation season. The post was based on the commencement speech- David McCullough, Jr.’s famous “You Are Not Special,” which has gone viral. 

4. The New York Times, Allbirds

Sponsored posts are the most typical native ads ever and are seen almost every day. One great example of the New York Times article was sponsored by the shoe company Allbirds. It was an In-feed or in-content ad and was promoted in the regular newsfeed with a sponsored tag. When the viewer clicks on the article, they are taken to a unique page on the NYT’s website with the most beautiful graphics and music that is still aligning with the theme of NYT. The article is focused on the value of birds and how climate change has put them at risk. This is related to the shoe company because they are focused on sustainability and the bird element is present in their name. The ad is relevant, but the content is so well integrated and cohesive that the users loved it.

5. Instagram Filter, Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon managed to come up with one of the most fun and interactive native ads ever. They made a fun Instagram filter saying, “Which SpongeBob character are you?” Not only was it enjoyable and exciting, but it was very engaging and a great way to connect with the users on Instagram. The app indicated it as being sponsored by Nickelodeon where all the other filters were, and it worked just the same as any organic filter.

Native ads are loved by brands and advertisers alike because they have higher click-through-rates in comparison with typical advertisements. However, native ads come with a lot of controversies. There must be greater transparency and oversight in this case. It can easily be used as a way to erode the public’s trust. The publishers are faced with significant troubles regarding this. However, it is essential to strike a balance between the two.

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