Best Native Ad Spy Tools and Software: 2022

Digital marketing means very stiff competition. Social media, SEO, and more businesses are getting into the digital marketing game each day. The question is not about the number of businesses that are into digital marketing but the techniques used. It is tough to gain a competitive advantage, and it is more challenging to maintain the edge. It is essential to know what the competition is doing and even more critical to one-up them. 

The competitive intelligence tools tell you about the competitor’s digital marketing strategy, and it includes how they do SEO, their strategy for social media and advertising, and more. It will tell you why they are succeeding and ways to learn from that. They also tell you about their failures so that you do not repeat them. They also show you the places your competitors have not gone to so that you can mark your territory. This article would discuss the best native ad spy tools and software that will help you conduct such competitive intelligence.

Why Do You Need a Native Ad Spy Tool?

Native Ad Spy Tools are instrumental in helping you carry out competitive analysis and unravel the reasons that make the competitor’s ad copies successful. It will help you better your landing ad pages and ad copies to come up with better designs. It results in your not spending a lot of time testing your affiliate marketing effort and reducing your overall expenditure.

How to Do Native Ad Spying?

You can use several ad spying tools to research your competitors’ ads and determine their successful campaigns. These tools help you access the competitor’s advertising campaigns, and you can look for advertising campaigns in various categories like gender, age, region, source, and more. 

Best Native Ad Spy Tools and Software: 2021 

Here is a list of some of the best native ad spy tools and software that can help you spy on your competitor’s media buying strategies. 

1. Anstrex: Best Native Ad Spying Software Tool

Known to help marketers improve their ROI by unlocking their competitors’ marketing strategies, Anstrex builds fantastic experiences geared towards their customers’ needs. Their products are constantly refined to serve their customers better. All kinds of marketers use Anstrex to uncover world-class advertisers’ secrets, which helps them generate massive traffic and sales. Anstrex integrates with other valuable platforms to improve your productivity.


  • You will find many ad networks here, and they include all the major global players and region-specific niche networks.
  • They use high-quality residential proxies to obtain the most accurate data.
  • They make available at your disposal millions of ads from hundreds of thousands of advertisers and publishers

Pricing: They have two plans. One is for native ads only and is a solo plan costing $69.99. The other is a native and push plan for the bundle and save and costs $139.99 per month.

2. Adplexity: All-in-One Ad Spying Software Tool

Allowing you to pull up comprehensive data on mobile and desktop push-campaigns running in over 82 countries, Adplexity gets real-time data from the most popular push-networks. It shows you accurate publisher information and can show you affiliate ads from ~100 CPA networks with a single click.


  • Their advanced search tool gives you more control than ever before. 
  • They have filters for keywords, advertiser and publisher URLs, over 100 affiliate networks, and more; it’s never been more accessible to hand-pick crucial data. 
  • You can download every single landing page in seconds to a handy .zip file.

Pricing: AdPlexity Native comes for a flat price of $249 every month.

3. Native Ad Buzz: Best Native Ad Spying Software Tool for Marketers

Known to be the most powerful native ad search, Native Ad Buzz helps you spy on competitors and filter ads by advertisers to follow what your competitors are up to and stay five steps ahead. They allow you strategically uncover the best business opportunities and models and avoid all the costly mistakes.


  • They reduce hundreds of hours of tiresome research and analysis to a few easy minutes. 
  • You can filter ads by an advertiser to follow what your competitors are up to and stay five steps ahead.
  • They show what other marketers pay to experiment and ascertain if it works or not.
  • They help uncover converting funnels, ads, and landing pages and discover where they are published and by which ad network. 

Pricing: They have three pricing models. The first is Standard and costs $47 per month. The Pro plan costs $97 each month, and Pro Annual costs $575 each month.

4. Power Ad Spy: Best Native Ad Spy Software Tool with Free Trail

Power Ad Spy shows you every profitable ad globally and allows you to make big profits without spending money on experimenting with the ads that do not work. It works in three straightforward steps. You have to target your audience, view results, and copy and implement what you saw. They have 1000s of people worldwide watching ads and submitting the best ad copies to them for building their database of ads.


  • Shows all the current, live, and past Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, GDN, native ads that are performing well in any niche
  • Shows their targeting countries, groups, age, and such.
  • It shows where the ad traffic is being sent off to.
  • They help you replicate the winning ads for your business.

Pricing: They offer a free plan, and then their basic plan costs $49 each month. Their Standard plan costs $99 each month, and the Premium plan costs $149 every month. 

5. SpyOver: Boost Your Native Advertising ROI

The perfect tool to monitor native advertising, SkyOver helps you analyze your competitors’ ads and be one step ahead of others. It is the most accessible tool for analyzing native ads. They give you detailed statistics for each ad in diagrams and graphs and the connection between the site and network Widget ID in the table form. They show you the actual trend of impressions for the selected period for selected countries and devices. 


  • It helps download ads and landings in one click 
  • They provide an opportunity to see the ads, which led to a concrete landing. 
  • It helps analyze the competitors of your niche and their activity
  • They help find new and trendy products and bundles. 

Pricing: They offer two plans. The Tariff professional costs $149, and the Tariff Corporate costs $299.

6. What Runs Where: Best Digital Ad Intelligence Software Tool

They provide you with digital ad intelligence, and you would no longer have to spend a lot of money on experimentation. They make it easier and provides access to the most complete and accurate picture of the digital advertising ecosystem. Their ad intelligence platform helps discover winning strategies, learn which ads perform best, and build more profitable campaigns.


  • Shows the top-performing creatives in your market or niche
  • It helps quickly identify winning campaigns to inform your strategy
  • Helps discover new traffic sources and reach larger audiences with ad intelligence
  • Gives access to best-in-class data across 5 of the largest online markets
  • Help stay up-to-date on the ins and outs of your competitors’ display ad strategies
  • Provides an understanding of critical trends across desktop, mobile, and native channels.

Pricing: Their Basic plan costs $299 per month. Their Full Coverage plan costs $399 monthly, and their enterprise plan is custom-built.

7. Adbeat: Best Competitive Intelligence Software for Native Advertisers

Known to help you spy on your competitor’s ad strategy, Adbeat was built keeping in mind the marketers. It provides unparalleled insights into the complex world of digital advertising. It makes perfect sense that leading companies like Box, Ancestry, and Lending Tree use Adbeat. It shows advertisers what direct competitors are doing and how they’re doing it. They do not just show ads and how they do but also the messaging being used and traffic sources, including how the media was purchased and what publishers the ads were running on. 


  • They have the largest, most up-to-date repository of advertiser data
  • They show you the most profitable publishers, ad copy, and landing pages
  • They show competitors’ ads, ad networks, publishers, and landing pages. Learn the strategy of the most successful advertisers in any market. 
  • They help identify critical differences in a competitive set using side-by-side and overlay visualizations. 

The entire process of competitive intelligence is not once-done. It needs effort, tools, and continuous monitoring and adjusting. Your key is consistency, and you have to keep the efforts going. That will help you figure out what it would need to stay ahead of the competition. 

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