Native Ads Arbitrage Strategy, Tips, and Techniques: 2022 Edition

Traffic arbitrage is one of the best-known business models,, and here, one can buy traffic at a very cheap rate and earn by showing ads in the high CTR zones and make profits. In such a process, you purchase traffic at very low costs and make money via ads in prime locations,, which would increase the overall CTR. The profit is the difference in the revenue. There are many viral websites that do this over a long period and make a profit off of it. Several search engines like use this business model to monetize their paid search results,, and they have been doing this for over a decade now. In this article, we will discuss native ads arbitrage strategy, tips, and techniques that will help you create a thriving native ads arbitrage campaign.

How do Native Ads Arbitrage Work in 2021?

Native Ads Arbitrage works when you purchase traffic from Facebook or any other native ad networks at lower rates and monetize your website by displaying native, video, push, and display ads. Selection of the correct niche is imperative for this model.

How to Make Successful Native Ads Arbitrage Strategy?

The ‘making of ecosystem’ is an underlying principle for every long-term native ads arbitrage strategy. This ecosystem necessarily consists of the advertiser, publisher, and ad network. If a publisher can help the advertiser make more money, they would bid on your traffic. This would lead to an increase in competition because your traffic would convert for advertisers and result in higher revenues. The content is one of the most critical parts of the strategy and affects the conversions a lot. It is essential to be confident to ensure that your content strategy and niche are good enough to make advertisers money on their bids. The gameplan for a fast loading native ads arbitrage business model includes:–

  • An extremely fast loading website
  • A pagination website, a quiz website, or a social media site which can retain users for sometime to ensure a good ROI. 
  • Finding reliable sources of media buying
  • Finding high CPM display, native, and video SSPs for superior monetization. 
  • Additional affiliate networks to monetize your website propert

Themes for Native Ads Arbitrage

Identifying the correct theme is vital for your arbitrage model and can help increase the overall CTR and bring you money. All arbitrages are essentially click-arbitrages,, and it is necessary to have a high CTR if you want high revenues. So, it is crucial to choose from apt themes with functionality support for all traffic arbitrage models. Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure that your theme works well in traffic arbitrage:

  1. High CTR- Colors and designs are not primarily affecting the CTR but help keep ads professional, clean, and sorted and helpd the focus stay on the ads. This eventually helps in increasing CTR.
  2. Pagination- Enabling pagination is essential if you are doing traffic arbitrage. The post must necessarily have the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons. The long image posts should be broken down into pages, and the user must have to click on next after having read the first image to continue reading. This would increase page views per user, and you will make more revenue with CPM based ads.

You will find quick setup, better customization, good loading speed, and an overall professional look among other features. Additionally, the theme should be using minimum jquery for a faster loading experience both from the user perspective and ads. 

Best WordPress Themes for Content Arbitrage Sites:

  1. Publisher WordPress theme- the first and the most preferred choice is the Publisher theme from Thermostat. The multi-purpose theme is the best on the market and offers a slideshow feature and several pagination options. This theme performs well and is instrumental in helping increase the AdSense CTR
  2. Bimber- A viral WordPress theme, Bimber is best recommended if your niche revolves around cats/dogs, celebrities, inspiration, science facts. They offer custom pagination options that can be used to divide your post into multiple pages. They also provide sticky share buttons for social media, which could increase the probability of your content going viral on social media. If Facebook is the sole source of your traffic, this is the best choice for you

Content Strategy for Native Ads Arbitrage

It is highly possible that in the first few days, you would be running in negative ROI. This is fine because you have just started to set ad placements and will optimize them for profits. It is essential that you ensure that you are targeting the right audience via Facebook and native ads. Make an effort to provide in-depth information about the subject. Bored Panda would be an excellent instance for this. They focus on viral content and make use of Facebook post boost while maintaining the quality of content, and they have a wide readership across the globe. If you are hoping to scale your site, your content creation should be something like Bored Panda. 

You are responsible for the audit of traffic that you get. There are several networks like RevContent that have junk and fake traffic, which you need to weed out. If the plan is big, it is necessary to have a dedicated source to filter the fake traffic out, bypassing important parameters and having the viewability vendors monitor the traffic. You must block all the sites that bring fake traffic and in huge volumes. This helps make sure that the quality of traffic is good.

Networks to Buy Traffic for Native Ads Arbitrage

It is well known that if you buy traffic from unreliable sources, it could be very troublesome because many of them sell fake clicks. It is crucial to build and plan your content, and it should be viral. You should promote these are good networks that you can trust. Here are our recommendations-

  1. Taboola- Taboola is the largest native ad network and a good source of cheap traffic for specific geographies. It is excellent if you are targeting Asian countries.
  2. Facebook- In the long run, it can be beneficial if you drive traffic from Facebook by promoting posts. It will help drive a good amount of traffic and in the generation of social signals to build a powerful brand around your content. It must be your source for primary traffic acquisition.
  3. RevContent- A good teaser and image can help you increase the CTR the over CPC will be reduced. This is one of the most popular platforms to buy traffic and helps many publishers and advertisers

Networks to Monetize Your Traffic for Native Ads Arbitrage Business

Although there are a number of ad networks that can be integrated to monetize your website which are running on a content arbitrage model, however, I prefer the following ad services

  • Display: AdSense, Setupad, Under Dog Media, Sulvo
  • Native: Taboola, Spoutable
  • Push: Izooto
  • Affiliate: Amazon

This article discussed the Native Ads Arbitrage strategy, tips, and techniques that will help you make higher profits. Remember that it is imperative for you to scale your native ad arbitrage. It is essential for you to have good connections with the ad networks and keep a fair idea of filtering out the bots and traffic sources that do not convert. I hope this helps.

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