How to Increase the CTR of Native Ads in 2022?

Native ads have become one of the most preferred ad formats. They have custom content that is more trustworthy in comparison to traditional advertising. Following a study, 2 out of every 3 millennials and Genz trust branded content and are more visually inclined and open to engaging with custom content. For consumers, interest and relevance are synonymous, and more than 75% of people agree that if they find interesting content, they are more likely to engage with it. Native ads perform well for niches like pets, food and drink, family and parenting and are said to garner 8.8 times higher CTR. One of every three Millennials agrees that they purchase something from a native ad. For that reason, it is essential to increase the CTR of native ads. In this article, we would discuss ways to improve the CTR of native ads in length.

How to Increase CTR for Native Ads?

In this article, we have discussed various effortless ways to increase CTR rates for native ads. These are very simple and can be quickly adopted. Here it goes.

1. Do not Work with an Exclusive Partner

You do not have to work with just one partner, and you can experiment and work with several partners simultaneously. When you are just starting, you must experiment with several formats and networks to find out what works best for your business. This cannot simply be decided, and the key is running regular A/B tests and analysis to see what would work best for you. In addition to that, you can try different conglomerations of various networks and test those out. You do not have to rely on one sole partner, and with the help of multiple partners, there is a chance of higher revenue.

2. Use a Native SSP

SSPs help publishers connect their inventory to different ad exchanges, DPSPs, and networks at once, allowing potential buyers to buy ad space. The publishers can get the best possible rates. Since some ad networks dominate the market in specific geographic regions and do not have competitive global fills, the native SPPs have become very important. Without an integrated demand source, it is challenging to leverage maximum yield optimization. There is no one supreme network that looks after global ad fills in the case of native ads, and if it were to exist, local players still dominate certain geographic regions and grow. So, in essence, only a native SSP is the solution to this. It results in higher yield optimization because there are more partners. The presence of many advertisers means that there is more competition for your impression, and this, higher returns. Your overall revenue will increase because widget optimization brings higher CTRs for native ads.

3. Serve Native Ads Through API

Serving native ads through API gives you the ability to source ads from specific native ad networks and providers. The network which offers the highest bid may end up getting the ad slot. Also the optimization algorithms will have enough data of the ad CTRs to determine which ad network is delivering the highest CPMs. Eventually, you’ll see an overall increase in page RPM which is fetched through an increase in CTR and CPCs. Most of the native ad providers and networks offer API integration. However, this makes more sense when you are making $10,000+ per month in native advertising revenue. 

4. Create Viral Content

Some of the most viral and ultimate content niches that marketers love are health, wealth, and sex. You have to be prepared to publish a lot of general silliness if that is what the audience wishes to see. It could be celebrity entertainment, funny pictures, news, or such. You just need to be prepared to cater to what the audience wants to see. You need to deliver to the audience’s needs in a consistent timeline, and the rewards would be generous. The ‘anything goes’ type of website will give you the absolute freedom to publish whatever you want, and there are very few rules that bind these kinds of websites. It provides you with ongoing opportunities and examples of such a website would be- NextShark or ViralNova. A niche website would limit you in terms of content, but it provides a chance to build a reliable relationship with your readers and an email list that could bring extra revenue.

How to Increase CTR for Taboola Ads?

Increasing your CTR will make your campaign items more competitive on the Taboola network and result in a higher number of clicks. The simplest way to increase CTR is by adding more title and thumbnail variations for your landing page. So, you need to add more campaign items to your campaigns. If you add more content items to your campaign, you increase your chances of finding something that the users would want to click on. 

For a publisher, the best way to increase the ad CTR is to ensure the following

  • Enable native pop-up ads to be served for higher CTR
  • Enable native slider ads to increase the average CTR of native ads
  • Create viral content which has a much higher native CTR.

How to Increase CTR for Revcontent Ads?

It is necessary to make the CTA more specific to your next step. A lot of people generalize their CTAs with hopes of attracting more people and a wider audience, but some studies show that personalized CTAs convert 42% more than general CTA’s. You must block widgets that have no conversions or sessions. After that, you must focus on widgets that have low CTRs and cut them off. Optimize your headlines because they make an impression on the user and play a role in grabbing their attention. Do not create widgets that look like display ads.

For a publisher, the best way to increase the ad CTR of revcontent native ads is to ensure the following

  • Enable native pop-up ads to be served for higher CTR
  • Create viral content which has a much higher native CTR. 
  • Place a sticky sidebar widget and a rectangular after article widget.

How to Increase CTR for MGID Ads?

Do not save your special promotions for the descriptive texts and add the special offers in your headlines. People generally love discounts, and this would grab their attention. The display URL is a part of the ad’s text, so take advantage of the keyword placement in your display URL and put the main keywords there. Add a full stop to the end of the description line because it would scoop that line into the headline when the ad appears in the top spots.

For a publisher, the best way to increase the ad CTR of MGID native ads is to ensure the following

  • Create viral content which has a much higher native CTR. 
  • Place a sticky sidebar widget and a rectangular after article widget. 

Native advertising is the future of the advertising industry. These will help you garner higher CTR and perform very well in comparison with other traditional ad formats. People generally use ad blockers these days, and to get through to your customers, it is necessary to present ads that do not look like ads. The seamless integration of the ads into the content is a significant plus. Here is where native ads come into play, and they help you deliver ads in a non-disruptive and seamless way. You must have gained a fair idea of increasing the CTR of native ads, and we hope it helps.

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