Native Ads CPC Rates: 2022Edition

New advertising methods are being developed constantly, and online advertising has taken several forms like pay-per-click ads and pop-up ads. Some two decades back, pop-up ads were the new trend and had given the advertisers new and affordable ways to put their ads in front of the customers. However, pop-up ads are slowly dying because of Google’s ad blocker, and advertisers were presented with the problem of inventing new ways of putting their ads before the customers. 

Native advertising is the newest and the most popular method of advertising. Everyone on the internet has experienced how powerful native advertising is, and they did not even realize it. You must have come across the “recommended articles” or “posts you may like” section at every post’s bottom. These are phenomenal user experience designs which aim at keeping the users on websites for as long as they can. So, the website shows similar content that might interest the users. Native ads are advertisements that match the form, style, and look of the media they appear on. These are ads that are purposely made to not look like ads. In this article, we will discuss the Native Ads CPC rates. CPC or cost per click is a payment model where the publisher has to pay for each instance when their ad was clicked, and it would be inside the publisher’s inventory. 

Native Ads CPC Rates for Tier 1

It is very well known that the Tier 1 countries get the best rates of the lot, be it CPC or CPM rates. These are countries like the US, UK, Canada, and such. If you want to increase your revenue, one of the easiest things to do is work on the content that would drive traffic from tier 1 countries to your blog. You can expect a CPC rate of anything between 30 to 50 cents, with CPM rates hovering around USD 5. These can vary depending on a lot of factors.

Native Ads CPC Rates for Tier 2

The Tier 2 countries like India usually get very low average CPC and CPM rates. However, because native ads bring impeccable results and opportunities in some niches, the CPC rates can be pretty decent. The CPC here can vary between 10 cents and more based on the niches. Ecommerce and technology get the best of the CPC rates. 

Native Ads CPC Rates for Tier 3

The tier 3 countries get the lowest CPC rates of all. It includes countries in the Pacific and Asian regions, and the CPC rates here are very low. However, if you have a good native ad CTR, native ads manage to draw out the best of the opportunities available and bring CPM rates of around one dollar and above with CPCs ranging from 3 cents and above. 

Native Ads CPC Rates for Taboola

Taboola is the world’s leading discovery and native advertising platform, which helps people find exciting and new. It helps you reach customers on the websites that they trust and drive results by getting people genuinely and effectively, and at the right moment. They allow you to create unique and relevant ad experiences using their user behavior data and flexible, creative formats and meet your marketing objectives. Their average CPC for native ads varies from 3 cents to 50 cents.

Native Ads CPC Rates for Outbrain

The Open web’s discovery and native advertising feed, Outbrain, help over a billion people discover content, services, and products that would be of interest to them. They allow you to connect with consumers engaging with content on the open web. Their technology powers the core tech stack of publishers who want to manage better, control, and monetize their content by personalizing their editorial experience for consumers. They offer an average CPC of 10 cents to 30 cents.

Native Ads CPC Rates for Revcontent

The leading content marketing platform, Revcontent, connects advertisers to highly engaged audiences through technology and direct partnerships with the world’s premier digital publishers. It empowers publishers to drive meaningful revenue streams and audience engagement through mutually beneficial business partnerships. It helps advertisers tap into highly engaged audiences at all marketing funnel stages, enabling brands to expand reach, develop loyal customers, and increase sales. They offer CPCs that can range between 3 cents to 70 cents. 

Native Ads CPC Rates for Facebook

Native ads are the most common and influential on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. With the Facebook audience network, you get access to Facebook advertisers worldwide. It helps you bring the same creative assets and people-based targeting that make Facebook ads so effective to live on your app in native formats that match your design. They offer CPC rates that range between 50 cents to 1 USD.

There is a phenomenon called ‘banner blindness,’ which results in people overlooking the ads when presented in an overbearing and obvious way. The way to tackle this issue is either making the ad very invasive or highly relevant. These have not worked in the past. So, native advertising was the way to go. These ads integrate with the content in such a seamless manner that they do not look like ads. Native ads have become the solution to most common ad complaints and help with the issue of adblocking. These ads focus on the quality of ads, and there is no working around that. It has proven to be one of the best solutions available and can increase your revenue and conversions. I hope this helps.

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