Native Advertising CPM Rates: 2022

Mystery and interest are the two things that native advertising will surely spark among marketers. Native advertising is confused with display advertising and content marketing often but is not necessarily either and still manages to hold both features. Its design is such that it camouflages within its surroundings and is very adaptable to diverse models, and can suit well in both platforms like New York Times and Instagram. It is a little challenging to understand if native advertising is content or not, but the significant difference between the two is that native ads are pay to play. Native ads have become highly preferable because they better user experience and have a non-disruptive effect. Mobile native ads platforms are much better and earn thrice more attention and engagement than their traditional counterparts. They have 23% better ad quality scores. It is a better complement to the formats and is not ignorable. In this article, we will discuss at length the native advertising CPM rates.

Native Ads CPM Rates for Tier 1

Tier 1 countries are given the best of the CPM rates. One of the top suggestions to anyone who wishes to increase their CPM rates is that you work on the content that would generate traffic from the tier 1 countries. For instance, for countries like the US, the CPM rate ranges from 5 to 7 USD and native ad CPCs are around 30 to 50 cents. For countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, the CPM rates would vary from 4 to 5 USD.

Native Ads CPM Rates for Tier 2

The CPM rates for Tier 2 countries are significantly lower than that of the tier 1 countries. However, provided that native advertising offers excellent opportunities, the CPM rates are decent. For countries like UAE, South Africa, India, the CPM rates for native advertising vary between 50 cents to 1.5 USD depending on the niches. The average CPC rates hover around 10 cents. 

Native Ads CPM Rates for Tier 3

Tier 3 countries witness the lowest CPM rates of all. Countries in the Pacific region or Asia do not get the best CPM rates or revenue. You can expect native advertising CPM rates that range between 37 cents to 45 cents for countries like Indonesia. For countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, the native ad CPC rates hover around 2 to 3 cents. 

Native Ads CPM Rates for Taboola

One of the top-performing native ad networks, Taboola helps reach your customers on the websites that they trust and drive business results by reaching people genuinely, effectively, and at the right moment. Taboola charges around 40 cents per click from advertisers if they are targeting the US audience. Its CPM rate for native ads can be anywhere between 30 cents to 5 USD depending upon the country tiers.

Native Ads CPM Rates for Outbrain

The Open Web’s discovery and native advertising feed, Outbrain, helps advertisers connect with consumers engaging with content on the open web. Their tech technology powers the core tech stack of publishers who want to manage better, control, and monetize their content by personalizing their editorial experience for consumers. Outbrain works with premium publishers that have more than 3 million views each month, because of which they can keep the most premium rates in the industry. Most publishers choose Outbrain over any other ad platform, and if you have Tier 1 traffic, they will give phenomenal CPMs. Their CPM rates can average in the range of 37 cents to 3 USD.

Native Ads CPM Rates for Revcontent

The leading content marketing platform, Revcontent, connects advertisers to highly engaged audiences through technology and direct partnerships with the world’s premier digital publishers. If a publisher has a blend of international traffic, they would see a minimum CPM of 70 cents and 1 USD and above.

Native Ads CPM Rates for Facebook

Facebook audience network is known to run ads on mobile apps, and the web, and these ads can be found on articles on Facebook. It helps you monetize with the user experience in mind. You can use their high-value formats, quality ads, and innovative publisher tools to help grow your business while keeping people engaged. Their fill rates are lower on the mobile web. Their average CPM rate is in the range of 50 cents to 1 USD for tier 2 countries and is higher in international traffic with tier one presence.

It is essential to understand that native advertising CPM rates vary and depend on niches, demographics, and advertiser conversions. Some of the best performing niches are- health, fitness, finance, scholarships, MBA grants, and such. Also, e-commerce and technology are all-time preferred niches. It is a given that native ads are one of the most efficient and well-performing ad formats. It can garner very high numbers of clicks because of its seamless integration and presence. Owing to its popularity explosion, its ad spend increased to a whopping 21 million USD. The sole downside to this is that it is highly-priced, else this ad format is the future. This article would have provided enough information on the native advertising CPM rates.

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