Top 10 Best Native Ad Server List: 2022

Since the advent of online advertising, about two decades ago, several online technologies have come up in the advertising ecosystem to help solve the problems that the advertisers and publishers face and better purchase and sell media. The coming of platforms like DPSPs and SSPs and ad exchanges have shaped the entire ecosystem. Ecosystem. One particular advertising technology created in the early days of online advertising technology and continues to remain relevant is that of an ad server. It is used by publishers, advertisers, agencies, and networks to manage and run online advertising campaigns. It is instrumental in making instantaneous decisions about the ads to show on a website and how to serve them. Native ad servers are specific to native ads and help with ads that match the form, style and feel of the website they appear on. In this article, we will discuss the best native ad server.

How to Choose a Good Native Ad Server?

Ad servers host advertisements and deliver ads to publishers to be displayed in a native format. As a user of the ad server, you have to see if they provide you with comprehensive reporting and campaign analytics because these are needed to track performances and better target audiences. If you want to get the best out of your ad server, you have to choose the right product or service to suit your needs. You need to decide if you want a first-party or third-party server. You need to determine if you wish to a hosted server or a self-hosted server. You need to do proper due diligence and research and see what you would like for your business.

Top 10 Best Native Ad Server List: 2021 Edition

Here is a list of the top 10 best native ad servers which publishers, advertisers, and affiliate marketers can use to improve their ad revenue and ROAS. 

1. Adbutler: Self Serve Native Ad Server for Holistic Ad Serving

AdButler painlessly brings you advertising innovation. They help you partner with the ad-tech experts trusted by publishers, networks, and marketers and realize your advertising revenue potential. They allow you to bring your team’s ad serving needs under one roof. They have built the most powerful and flexible tools for online advertising, helping thousands of companies serve sophisticated advertising with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability.


  • They have globally distributed serving networks that result in the fastest ad calls from anywhere in the world and can help make every impression count by ensuring your ads load instantly every time.
  • Their API was created for a wide variety of solutions and helps build a Self-Serve Portal, Custom Native Ad Units, Private Auctions, or anything you like.
  • It helps you maximize revenue with a custom ad experience

Pricing: You can build your custom play. Their pricing starts at 109 USD per month and can go up to 1096 USD per month.

2. Pubmatic: Best Programmatic Native Ad Server for Omnichannel Monetization

Pubmatic truly understands your unique needs and helps you leverage the tools you need to improve your properties’ monetization potential. Their ad decisioning and automated selling products empower publishers with independence and access to unique demand while maintaining a strict commitment to transparency and quality. They bring customizable solutions to maximize revenue.


  • They help drive incremental revenue and ease the complexities of header bidding with tools and services while leveraging the scale and access of Prebid.js.
  • Helps manage and package premium audiences and inventory for buyers while maintaining control.
  • Witness an increase in competition and yield by facilitating connections with leading demand sources across screens, channels, and formats with their RTB.
  • Helps safeguard your inventory across channels, screens, and ad formats by leveraging PubMatic’s suite of ad quality tools.

3. Epom: Leading Native Ad Server for Marketers

The compelling ad serving platform, Epom, is a complete ad management platform for your cross-channel advertising business. They help you run, track and optimize your ad activities with no discrepancies and enhance your business with advanced and ready-to-use solutions.


  • You can set up hyper-targeted campaigns to reach your audience at any time and place from your account.
  • Provides instant analytics to measure ad performance with multilevel granular analytics, custom reports and get updates on your KPIs.
  • With automated optimization, you can simplify ad operations in your ad serving account.

Pricing: Their Basic plan provides you a quick start for 250 USD per month. With their Standard plan, you would be fully equipped, and it would cost 1000 USD per month. Their Advanced plan would power you completely for 2500 USD per month.

4. Outbrain: Best Native Ad Server with 3rd Party Demand Integration

The end-to-end native ad server, Outbrain, is built solely for native advertising and helps sell, manage and serve. They empower the sales team to grow publisher revenue and reach your most valuable customers. They allow you have an intelligent feed with editorial, video, and sponsored content in one personalized feed of discovery.


  • They offer flexible placements with text-only recommendations, in-feed, sidebar, mobile ‘read more, and an infinite number of creative combinations.
  • It helps you maximize yield with fill cards with organic, direct-sold, 3rd party, or Outbrain’s premium demand partners.
  • It ensures there is no wasted inventory and leverages the industry’s largest 3rd party native demand for a 100% fill rate.

5. Smarty Ads: Full Stack Native Ad Server

The full-stack programmatic infrastructure of SmartyAds makes it perfect for advertisers and publishers. They streamline the process and helps you prioritize how, where and whom to trade with to help you quickly achieve your desired goals. They have highly customizable, white-label software platforms for media buying, media selling, and data activation.


  • Help reach incredible revenue opportunities, apply header bidding technology, lightweight SDKs, and meet advertisers perfect for your audience.
  • Helps increase purchasing strengths with cross-channel traffic, memorable ad formats, and ultimately transparent advertising ecosystem.

6. Google Ad Manager: Free Native Ad Server for Publishers

The ad management platform Google ad manager helps large platforms that have significant direct deals. It provides granular controls and supports multiple ad exchanges and networks, including AdSense, Ad Exchange, third-party networks, and third-party exchanges.


  • Provides one platform to monetize all your inventory.
  • Helps manage a significant amount of ad revenue that comes through direct deals from buyers
  • Help connect with third-party networks to compete for ad inventory
  • Provides complex reports to gain granular insights

7. Adkernal: Best White-Label Native Ad Server

The universal ad technology platform, Ad Kernal, is a leading provider of enterprise-level technology solutions and helps empower the business of digital advertising. They provide white-label, feature-rich platforms for RTB exchanges, DSPs, header bidding, PPC, and beyond.


  • Their optimizer learns from publisher and advertiser’s requests for automatic adjustments to bid flow.
  • They retrieve stats automatically from the partners.

8. Smart Ad Server: Best Natively Integrated SSP and Ad Server

Known as the most robust ad server in the market, Smart Ad Server ensures value path optimization for all. Their scalable and robust ad management platform allows publishers to run direct and programmatic campaigns across all digital formats and screens. Their open, cutting-edge technology enables publishers to achieve holistic yield monetization through a truly unified auction, maximizing the value of every single impression.


  • They have a unique inventory and offer multiple buying methods
  • Help run powerful ad campaigns on both in-app and web.
  • Brings together the precision of direct sales and the power of programmatic.


Native ads are on the rise. This is the one proven way advertisers can combat the problem presented by adblockers and users using them to have a non-disruptive experience. Native ads are so seamlessly integrated into the content that users find it difficult to identify them. They are cohesive and enhance the user experience. You need to have the native ads servers mentioned in this best native ad server list.

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