Best Programmatic Native Advertising Platforms: 2022

The world of online advertising is humongous and constantly puts before us the term- programmatic native advertising. Native advertising is paid ads that are cohesive and seamlessly integrated into the content, making it look like the content itself. Programmatic advertising automatically purchases digital advertising space with computers using their data to decide which ads have to be bought and how much to pay for them. Programmatic brings more to advertising. The combination of programmatic and native is compelling and helps advertisers put forward advertisements integrated with the content and larger scale. With programmatic advertising, native ads become more relevant, and it is more effective. In this article, we would talk about the best programmatic native advertising platforms. 

Why Should You Choose a Programmatic Native Advertising Platform?

Here, native ads are programmatically bought and sold and placed to capitalize on increased relevance and personalization. Machine learning and contextual signals are leveraged, and native ads are tailored to better advertisers’ performances. Placing ads programmatically reliant on AI and real-time bidding makes the process automatic and more effective to reach targeted demographics. There are connected to informative content, which increases their chances of being shared. They generate 83-95% more clicks than banner ads, and consumers look at them 52% more than banner ads. 

Top 10 Best Programmatic Native Advertising Platforms: 2021

Here is a list of some of the best and popular programmatic native advertising platforms which marketers can use for lead generation through programmatic native ads. 

1. LinkedIn Native Ads: #1 B2B Native Advertising Platform

LinkedIn helps you reach target customers, generate leads with sponsored content, and run native ads in the LinkedIn feed across desktop and mobile. They allow you to advertise to professionals and reach a highly engaged audience with native ads in a professional news feed across desktop and mobile. They play a significant role in exceeding objectives, driving leads, building brand awareness, and nurturing key relationships at every stage of your sales cycle. 

2. Smarty Ads: Best Programmatic Native Advertising Platform

Smarty Ads understands that native ads are a strong communication tool that turns brands into an advertiser’s friend. They help you put forward responsive and targeted native ad units in real-time at the user’s screen at the right time and context. They correspond to the users’ interests and create a seamless, uninterrupted experience that translates into much greater performance than you can expect from traditional formats.

3. Taboola: Best Native Advertising Platform for Marketers

The world’s leading content discovery and native ads platform, Taboola plays a huge role in reaching your customers on the websites they trust and drive business results by going to people in a genuine, effective manner and at the right moment. More than 10,000 digital properties use Taboola to acquire new audiences, increase engagement, and drive revenue. Their feed gives the scrolling newsfeed experience consumers love on social networks right to your pages and helps you build audiences from their vast network.

4. Dable: Fastest Growing Native Advertising Platform in Asia

Dable is the best content discovery platform, and with their unique real-time personalization recommendation technology, you can increase experience PV and profit gains. They offer customized recommendations by analyzing visitors’ behavior and exposes you to 22 billion recommendations each month. They also provide the most popular news now within the category. 

5. Sharethrough: Best Programmatic Native Advertising Exchange

Known to be one of the largest ad exchanges globally, Sharethrough directly connects with every significant DSP, over 12k publisher websites, and powers over 350 billion monthly impressions. They are the new breed of exchange and automatically enhances every standard impression by delivering a relevant, better-looking, and higher-performing native, banner, or video ad in any placement on any site. More than 50% of their demand comes from campaigns driven by their sales team, and they are reliable. They also help you benefit from demand otherwise going to the social platforms. 

6. Outbrain: Best Programmatic Content Recommendation Network

Outbrain helps you manage, control, and monetize your content on the vast open web. Their feed technology empowers media companies and publishers to compete with the walled gardens on audience acquisition, engagement, and retention. They have partnered with the most recognized media outlets, and they all use Outbrain’s native technology. With their index of quality brands, publishers can quickly maximize their RPM, and their optimization ensures audiences stay engaged and onsite. The publishers have full control over the editorial content and can get a better understanding of their consumers to optimize their experience.

7. Facebook Ads: Best Native Advertising Platform for eCommerce

Facebook helps you target customers effectively, and they offer solutions for all levels of expertise. More than 1.6 billion people worldwide are connected to a small business on Facebook, explaining how effective Facebook is. They provide the tools, support, and insights you need to help your business grow. With every ad impression, you can allow maximum earning potential with real-time bidding.

8. The Trade Desk: Best Native Media Buying Platform 

Known as the media for humankind, The Trade Desk is a media buying platform for the open internet. It is a marketplace of more than 225 partners, and you can access their premium selection of data, inventory, and brand safety providers. They help you get a competitive edge by designing custom solutions on their platform.

9. Triple Lift: Best Programmatic Native Advertising Platform for Brands

Known as the programmatic advertising platform reinvented, TripleLift has been a pioneer in native advertising for over 12 years. They help build direct relationships with publishers and deliver brand-safe environments and better experiences. They have offered products across channels, formats, publishers, and partners and apply technologies to ensure that the creatives you receive are worthy of your brand.

Native advertising is far more effective than any other form of advertising and, if done correctly, can make massive impacts on the users, drive conversions and make your business bigger. It is essential to understand that native advertising is the very future of digital marketing. More and more advertisers are shifting to it as users have begun to use ad blockers, and it presents the question of how to put forward ads without making them look like ads. Native advertising does that well. Also, native advertising and programmatic is an unbeatable combination and will take you a long way.

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