Best Native Ad Exchanges List for Advertisers: 2022

Native ads are both the present and the future. You can generally find them on social media feeds or as recommended content on web pages. These are very different from the conventional ad formats- display or banner ads and they do not look like ads. They become a part of the editorial flow of the page and are non-disruptive. They do not stick out or ruin the experience of the users. Native advertising is using paid ads that camouflage in the look, feel and function of the media format they appear in. Native ad exchanges are platforms that allow media buyers and media sellers to sell and buy native ads programmatically. Here, we have a list of the best native ad exchanges list for advertisers and publishers.

How to Choose a Native Ad Exchange?

It is nearly impossible for one ad exchange to be perfect for all the advertisers or publishers and there is no one ed exchange that can fulfill all your requirements.There are some things that you can consider before you decide which ad exchange would be ideal for you. You need to do your own research and due diligence. Look up the ad networks that are running on the websites that you like and keep a track of it. Consider the size of the network and the quality of ads. Focus on ad formats and placements because they seem to have a major impact on ad performance.

8 Best Native Ad Exchange List for Publishers and Advertisers

Here is a list of 8 best native ad exchanges for marketers and advertisers that can be used to increase the ROAS.

1. Google ADX aka Google Marketing Platform | Best Native Advertising Exchange

Formerly known as DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Google AdX helps publishers sell their inventory to advertisers and agencies with use of real time bidding technology. They have established an open marketplace with prices being set in real time auction. They help native ads and ad spaces get good allocations across the internet in an efficient way. Even as a seller, one can make the most money off their ad spaces and gain access to more advertisers while having the ability to control where their ads run.


  • Provides publishers with access to large inventory and access to buyers from Google Ads and other marketplaces.
  • Provides control to publishers over their ad space and allows them to sell their inventory directly
  • Provides a platform for an open auction where publishers are anonymous
  • They also offer private auctions, where publishers directly target a selected group of advertisers.

2. Sharethrough | Best Native Ad Exchange for Performance Marketing

Sharethrough is the largest independent native SSP in the industry and works with premium publishers across every major vertical. It also offers a self serve concept where marketer’s videos are placed on the publisher’s sites. It’s Real-Time Templating technology provides a solution for programmatic native advertising and was the first one to do so, but was a private exchange. It is one of the best there is, especially for the wide range of features listed below.


  • They have a Native Ad Generator that makes it it easy for programmatic buyers to create, view, and share a native ad.
  • They have some really high performing native ad formats that include Rich Display, Video, Pharma ISI, Scroller and more.
  • They offer off-the-shelf packages that curate all their verticalized best practices to hit the specific KPIs.

3. Teads | Best Native Video Ad Exchange

Founded in 2011, Teads, the creator of outstream video advertising and the leading native video advertising marketplace. Publishers prefer Teads for it assists in creating a brand new outstream video inventory, monetizing it through programmatic buying, their own sales force, or third parties including Teads Demand. It is known for providing rich CPMs to publishers, which are mostly news sites and have good traffic presence in the US and EU. It gives publishers access to premium ad campaigns and to top brands and Fortune 500 companies.


  • They allow you to place ads within the heart of editorial content, which not many ad servers allow you to do and it can be bought along whichever model suits the user the best.
  • It opens up vast quantities of premium video inventory, and has tailored creative formats to hit branding and engagement KPIs.

4. Adyoulike | Best Native Ad Exchange for Brands

A leading in feed native platform, Adyoulike is globally and considered a pioneer in native technology for creating advertising experiences for users that mirrors the websites they are visiting. They make use of their very native supply-side platform and native technology platform to brand scale native advertising campaigns across premium and niche publishers, while publishers benefit from the access that they gain to their marketplace.


  • Helps connect third party demand side platforms with a huge global inventory of premium in feed native advertising in real time
  • It is a world class exchange platform that has connected 50 DPSPs, generates 50 billion impressions every month and has 3000 direct premium publishers

5. Appnexus aka Xandr | Best Agency Native Ad Exchange

Appnexus is a multinational technology company with a brilliant and widely preferred cloud based software platform, which enables and optimizes programmatic online advertising and other than that, it offers infrastructure for online auction and technology for data management, optimization, financial clearing and support for advertising campaigns that have been directly negotiated with and it has also integrated with ad sources like DFP.


  • Has great coverage in websites categories which includes Arts, entertainment, technology and more
  • Leading platform in the entire web
  • Offers a proprietary gateway to premier ad exchanges

6. Openx I Best Enterprise Native Ad Exchange

OpenX is a programmatic advertising technology company and has created an integrated technology platform that has conglomerated ad server and real- time bidding exchange with a standard supply side platform that ensures the real high time value for any trade.


  • It has a variety of features which includes its Channel Functionality, Video Functionality, Mobile Functionality, SSP Functionality and Inventory Management.
  • They also offer Ad unit bundling and really good targeting.

7. Triplelift | Best Programmatic Native Ad Exchange

An American Multinational tech company, Triplelift, specializes in enabling and optimizing programmatic native advertising capabilities. It offers infrastructure and technology for optimization of native advertising via the assistance of Computer vision. It evaluates ad assets and uses their technology and solutions to transform images and video into in-feed native ads that match the unique look and feel of a publisher’s website.


  • They have a new source of website monetization that adds new, incremental revenue stream, which is, In-feed ads that match the unique look and feel of your site, adding to the consumers experience through seamlessly integrated ads.
  • They go programmatic to have a true RTB auction, enabling buyers and sellers to leverage unique data, bidding algorithms and real-time insights.

8. Powerlinks | Best Native Ad Exchange for Marketers

An advertising technology platform, Powelinks, consolidates the management of content recommendation and discovery and the delivery of In-Content and Native ad. Its technology makes use of 1st and 3rd party information to cater to personalized and targeted content and advertising to digital audiences. Its motive is to automate and enhance the administration of content recommendation and In-feed and In-Content advertising inventory management for publishers.


  • Provides both control and transparency
  • Provides benefits from pre integrated data, predictive optimization and helps deliver engaging content to the audience
  • Helps execute native ad strategy programmatically
  • Helps maximize revenue by leveraging advances selling options and real time optimization.


The entire process of selecting a native ad exchange for your venture is both daunting and challenging, even more so if you have limited experience with ad optimization. This article on the best native ad exchanges list for advertisers and publishers will help you understand and save countless hours of running tests and losing out revenue and allow ad optimization experts to manage everything for you. Hope this helps.

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