How to Create and Traffic Native Ads in Google Manager

Native ads have been becoming increasingly popular in recent times because of its ability to not interrupt the user’s experience and still deliver the branded message. This article would take you through the complete process for trafficking native ads. You could possibly traffic native ads for Private Auctions, Preferred Deals, and Programmatic Guaranteed and we have highlighted the difference between these and the process for the same below. 

You will have to use Publisher- managed creatives to use custom native ad formats for Programmatic Guaranteed. There are specific guidelines that all publisher implementations of programmatic native ads must adhere to for native styles and custom rendering. These guidelines are not applicable to direct-sold native ads and are aligned with Ad Exchange Policy and allow native UI customizations. 

  • Sync your Ad Exchange and Ad Manager and this is for Programmatic only: In Ad Exchange link your account there with your Ad Manager account and enable third party access.
  • Create ad units if and when required: As per your needs, create ad units or use the ones you already have. Go to Sizes> Select Fixed Size> Select Pixel Size/ Fluid in case you want to have responsive slots for your native ads.
  • Make a choice on how you wish to create your native ad and finish the steps for the option you choose: Your three main options are- Guided design editor, HTML & CSS editor, and Android & iOS app code.
  • Line items and create an order: Make sure that both the style targeting and line item targeting match the request if you are using Native styles. In order to maximize performance, you should have banners compete with your native ads. The line item that you enter for native is dependent and varies based on the transaction type, as shown below-

Create and Traffick Native Ads For Traditional Transactions

  • Go to Expected Creatives field> Select a native ad format, other than the conventional size. Other than for sizes, native line items use native ad formats as creative placeholders. 
  • Native styles allow native line items to deliver to all sizes for which you have set up native styles. 
  • Custom rendering is used to handle the sizing and layout in the apps.
  • For Ad Exchange Line Items that you wish to target- Go to Expected Creatives field> select Native Programmatic.

Create and Traffick Native Ads For Private Auctions

  • Use the size that you deem appropriate which would be determined by the type of delivery method being used- 
  • For Native Styles, use the sizes in the requests/ tags.
  • For custom rendering, use the custom rendering size. 

Create and Traffick Native Ads For Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals

Make a programmatic proposal in the manner you always do and then add a new proposal line item, which must contain the name of the native ad format entered as the size.

  • Add native creatives
  • After you choose Native as your creative type, you can go either way-
  • If you opt for Traditional, you should choose the native ad format you used in the line item in the 4th step.
  • If you opt for Programmatic, you need to add an  Ad Exchange creative by using the Native size or add the Native size to an existing multi-size creative. 

In  GPT or the GMA SDK, add fluid to your ad request. If you are using Ad Manager UI to traffic the Fluid size for native ads, add the special Fluid size to a multi-size ad request in Google Publisher Tags or the Google Mobile Ads SDK, which would make your native ads responsive. In the manner, you report a line item in Ad Manager, report on native line items

When you use the dimensions of Creative size for the report, you witness the value of Native for Custom rendering and Fluid for Native styles that are fluid sized. That is all that you have to do and then Ad Manager makes it a point to take it from there. The ads are rendered in the relevant styles and delivered to the desired destinations irrespective of the device or platform and spread across- desktop web, mobile web and apps too.

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