Best Practices for Designing Native Ads: Publisher’s Guide

 Native ads are mimicry of the content they are put up with a seamlessly integrated brand message that does not interrupt the user’s experience. You need to put in a lot of effort into planning out the ad, testing it and executing it correctly to make a high performing native ad. You could use this article as a guide when you are setting up a native ad.

Create effective native styles

Native styles basically determine how native ads will appear on different inventory segments for both web and apps. To show how your ads will look in varying situations, and to maximize performance, you can manage the HTML, Javascript and CSS of your style within Ad Manager.

Do some A/B tests on native styles

To get high- performing native ads, you should run some A/B tests and test different native styles with Native experiments. Experiment with fonts, colors, layouts and other updates in a new style other than with the existing style to see which one might perform better before you make some changes.

Test with these controls and more to find the styles that perform best on your website or app:

  • Fonts and font sizes
  • Background and text colors
  • Different layouts and spacing
  • Ad size
  • Image size
  • Logo as a secondary image

Additional resources-

Native ads in action- Imagine what native ads would probably look like with the use of Google Marketing Platform. Check whether your native ad matches the look, vibe and function of the content around across different devices. You can also lookup the sample native ads which are available as a guide if you do not have your own creatives yet.

Material design- Learn how to put together the basic principles of good design with creativity, innovation and technology and science. The site must stand for a single basic system that puts forward a unified experience across platforms and device sizes.

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