How to Create Native Video Ads in Google Ad Manager?

Native video ads are basically the ones that mimic the other content on the platform and do not interrupt or negatively interfere with user experience, in the sense that it practically blends with the content on the page, so much so that people tend to overlook it being an ad and not notice it. The seamless integration of branded content into the existing content has become extremely popular in recent times.

You are provided with the option to choose between a video content or video app install format when you are in the process of creation of a native video ad. You have to define your ad settings> style and add targeting> set up line items and creatives.

Request for Native Video via the SDK

Using standard display banner ad code, you can call for in-app native video ads and know more about their implementation and the customization availability in the developer guide. Native video styles decide the creative side of your native ads for a segment of inventory.

When you make an addition of the native video style, it is based on either the existing style or you have to create a new one. The content of your ads are determined by the variables that are decided based on the native ad formats. Native styles provide you with the flexibility to put out your own style, which includes the video too.

Creation of Native Video Ads with the Guided Design Editor

Without the need to do coding, you can create native ads with the Guided design editor which has simple controls for building and styling a native ad. You are provided with the option to edit CSS to customize your ad. The design editor has in-built native creatives that can serve as both Ad Exchange auction and direct-sold ad on the web or mobile app.

Create a native video ad-

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager 
  2. Click on Delivery Native

If you want to create a new native ad, then click on Select in the  “Guided design editor” box. If you wish to create an ad based on an existing style, select an existing video style. You can search or filter existing styles by selecting Format Video. Select the style and click on Copy > Click on the new style to edit with the design editor.

  1. Follow the instructions provided and configure native video ads with the design editor.

If you wish to alter the HTML of an existing native style-

Do not apply style to any elements in Native Video Wrapper Macro because it causes issues when an unexpected change is made. Its implementation triggers the video player and that is dependent on the platform and can change. The manner in which the video player behaves in the style preview is not the same as that of a live ad. 

Set up your Line Item and Creative

You could create an order and line items and add native creative for the native videos, just like you would for any native creative, targeting the native video format and setting the video in the creative.

The lined items are considered display line items and not videos. To compete with other formats, you can add other sizes like banners or native display. Currently, the creative preview is not available fo native videos, but you can preview in a live environment.

Reports on Native Video Ads

At the ad unit level, the native video currently only supports the Video viewership and Video interaction metrics for reporting and not all dimensions and metric combinations are available. However, to find the type of technology used to serve a creative such as video, you can add the creative technology dimension to your reports. 

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