10 Best Content Discovery Platforms of 2021

With Native advertising being the ever-growing area of digital marketing, Content discovery platforms are in demand for fresh, relevant web content every day in order to successfully manage Social media campaigns. Content discovery tools act as a bridge between your social following and the content. These are the recommendation widgets seen at the bottom of several websites that provide a short headline and link to the website. They finely blend the sponsored content with the publisher’s content. Publisher of a website or blog is benefitted by a share of the money that the advertiser pays the content discovery platform to post its links on their sites. When a reader clicks on a link the advertiser is charged. Real-Time content discovery tools are capable to identify upward trending content aligned with topics relevant to you. To get more traffic to a website or blog one should consider testing ad campaigns on the following content discovery platforms. In fact, you can use some of these platforms to drive traffic to your Amazon store initially and run a successful Amazon arbitrage business. 

Top 10 content discovery platform

1. Google Alerts

It is a powerful tool from Google which is tailor-made for website monitoring and management, keeping it updated on the changing trends of the world like media, business, news, etc. By entering specific search terms in the field, the results will be immediately provided or sent to the personal email.


  • Controlled notifications
  • Controlled frequency and route of the notification – The senders’ email addresses need to be linked to the personal Google account
  • Simple redeemable Coupons and deals.
  • Google Alerts captures desired job opportunities hence reducing the effort given in online job portals.
  • Fresh, relevant content every time.

Pricing: Google Alerts is free to use.

2. Taboola

Taboola is an effective content discovery tool used by companies that links a user to relevant articles both from within and outside the site. Taboola is designed on an algorithmic predictive engine used to drive traffic, monetize content, and increase audience engagement. 


  • Transparent placements, rates, etc.
  • Underperforming segments, placements, devices, etc can easily be excluded.
  • Simplified dashboard which puts all the required information like CPC, spending, and results.
  • Reports are easy to generate.
  • Engagement from the high-quality users is high, who spends more time on your website.

Pricing: Trial starts on a self-service basis at the rate of $10 per day. Then there are two bidding systems Smart and Fixed where one can choose according to his requirements, budget, etc.

3. Outbrain

It is a premium sponsored content platform which delivers personalized online content to target audiences and also enabling the publishers to understand the usage pattern by providing the data. It connects relevant content with the audience, evolving a new form of monetization. Outbrain has an intuitive UI for advertisers and a familiar ad format to Facebook on websites with global reach.


  • Access to high profile publishers.
  • Simplified usage
  • Multiple conversion pixel events
  • The dashboard allows editing the content before publishing
  • Effective and helpful customer service.

Pricing: Outbrain runs on a Cost-Per-Click pricing model with a minimum cost per click of around $0.03. The minimum budget for a campaign is $10/day or $300/month. In reality, a test budget is going to range from $500 to $2,000.

4. Dianomi

Dianomi is a global leader in content marketing. Through their natively integrated Sponsored Content Units, they promote links to their advertisers content across tier 1 global business & finance publishers. Dianomi serves over 4 billion native ad impressions each month for over 300 different clients, reaching over 100 million+ unique users across a network of premium publishers in the US, UK and Australia.


  • Transparent Campaigns
  • Global reach in local languages
  • Premium Publishers
  • Engaged Audiences 
  • Ads are always in context
  • They vouch for Brand Safety

Pricing: The starting price is $9.00 per month per user.

5. Revcontent

It is one of the world’s leading native advertising and content discovery platform for businesses to increase their ROI and monetize the audiences with innovative thoughts, useful products. A lot of publishers use Revcontent as it works well with social sites where the AdSense CPC is not very high. Revcontent automatically collects specific user data in order to provide recommendations and promote content relevant to the user’s interests when he access websites and mobile applications.


  • Audience retargeting 
  • Easy to integrate widgets
  • Advanced publisher protection tools
  • Real-time reporting
  • Robust customer support system

Pricing: Revcontent follows two pricing models for advertisers: Cost per Click and Cost per View. CPC rates vary depending on geography while CPM can reach $3 for every 1,000 impressions.

6. Feedly

It is a smart reader application tool used to collect, organize and manage web content for monitoring brand mentions, competitor alert and keyword search. The application offers third-party integration with popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc for easy article sharing. 


  • Keyword alerts: Feedly allows to keep one updated about his business and product. In addition to that, one can also monitor competitors, market trends, etc.
  • Easy organization: Feedly organizes the content to create manageable, accessible collections for future use.
  • Different views: Fresh and simple interface with different formats of views.
  • Facilitate the diffusion in social networks.
  • Customization on demand
  • Unified organization of information.

Pricing: It is free to use.

7. Pocket

Pocket is a kind of online bookmarking service with more than 10 million registered users enabling them to save interesting articles, videos and more web content for later use in any device. The clean interface provided by it helps to track and save multiple links.


  • Availability – Any content once placed in pocket is easily and readily available anytime & anywhere, even without an internet connection.
  • Batch save – With the “Batch Save” Chrome extension of Pocket, multiple links can be saved and tagged at once.
  • Compatibility –  It’s integrated with over 1500 other applications. There is also a guide to integrating several applications with pocket.
  • Cross-platform access – Access over major browsers & devices.

Pricing: The trial version is free with the premium package starting at $4.99 per month.

8. Drum Up

It is a high-quality social media & content discovery platform that enables users to curate relevant online content for scheduling & recommending in social media. The smart workflow and machine learning algorithm help to review and publish posts before the social media audience. One just needs to select specific, relevant keywords and the platform will deliver high-quality content for the feed. 


  • multiple account management 
  • collaborative social media management
  • content suggestions 
  • RSS feed addition 
  • advanced post scheduling
  • group account scheduling
  • hashtag and @mention suggestions
  • engagement and click-through metrics
  • URL shortener
  • employee advocacy analytics

Pricing: Basic starts with the Starter Plan of $15, then Pro plan $39, small business plan of $79 and agency plan at the rate of $179 per month.

9. Buzz Sumo

It is a content research and monitoring software used for Social media ad campaigns. The powerful Social media search engine delivers the best and fresh content which are easily and readily shared in platforms.


  • Brand Monitoring – Every time your brand gets mentioned positively or negatively, you will be notified immediately. This helps in handling publicity.
  • Research Content – BuzzSumo Research Content helps you to create popular content. 
  • Trending Now – Writing about trending topics on current affairs helps companies get visibility and more followers on social media. 
  • Content Analysis – This helps to calculate the ROI of the money and efforts spent on content creation, distribution, and marketing. When analyzing the content and its engagement is done, you can check competitor’s action on similar content.
  • Question Analyzer – It helps you understand the queries your readers. BuzzSumo’s question analyzer pulls out every question asked about the keyword in the search bar.
  • Facebook Analyzer is their new add-on which works only when your Facebook account is connected with BuzzSumo where you can analyze your brand’s social signals or pages on Facebook.
  • Outreach List is an additional feature where one can create a list of influencers by saving them different lists and then use the same to reach out to them.

Pricing: There is a free trial version and five other plans. Micro plan starts at $39, Pro plan $99, Plus plan $139, Large $299, Enterprise $499 per month.

10. Adblade

Adblade is the largest content ad network in the world. It employs the native advertising for user engagement. With the premium quality of content provided by them, it is lucrative for both publishers & advertisers.


  • Seamless integration with Google Adsense
  • Geotargeting
  • Complete report analysis
  • Brand safety
  • Strong control on sales

Round Up

The increased use of web browsers in mobiles has meant that people are consuming more content all the time. Promoting your valuable content across the web through these content discovery platforms can get your brand some great exposure on top publishers’ sites at a much cheaper rate. It is through appropriate content creation, one can drive more traffic with more user engagement. The above content discovery platform examples are for a better ad experience of users, driving more traffic and giving marketers more control over the monitoring, presentation and delivery of the content.

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