10 Benefits of Native Advertising: Why Pursue Native Ads?

With the appearance of social media, many traditional advertising formats are suffering a gradual decline. Whereas, branded content of true Native Advertising continues to rise due to the excellent results and greater impact on users. Native ads are viewed 53% more frequently than display ads, providing a higher CTR of 60%. The people who consume this type of advertising have a better opinion of the companies who chose this format to promote their product or service. In the same way, the users of native advertising have a 41% better chance of actually acquiring the product or service in question. Consumers are 25% more likely to engage with a native ad when compared to a traditional banner advertisement. Even more impressive is that 53% of native ad engagement is positive, which helps to build credibility and great brand experience. Native ads can help lift a brand by up to 82%. Also, Native ads result in an 18 percent increase in purchase intent. These involve the creation of: short news stories, blogs, long-form editorial, interviews, infographics, quizzes, memes, photo-galleries, white papers, PDF guides, interactive charts, videos, YouTube playlists, 360 photos, Instagram pages, Pinterest profiles, LinkedIn articles, 360 video, Live streams are just some native advertising examples that big brands continuously produce on a  large scale. All of the largest social media companies in the world like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram use native advertising articles. Also, many of the top publishing names in the digital space such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today have adopted this unparalleled form of integrated advertising. Becoming an expert in native advertising will let you drive high volumes of traffic across businesses like e-commerce, retail arbitrage, amazon arbitrage, and more.

10 Benefits of Native Ads

Native advertising is a highly successful and effective marketing strategy which being a subset of content marketing is less intrusive. As native ads generally mimic the content that surrounds them in a site page, they are more shareable than the non-paid content elements that appear on the same page. This gives ads the capability to go viral. The increased audience engagement and higher shareability that native ads offer to make them a perfect fit for advertising campaigns that require a more interactive and non-disruptive approach. Native advertising enables businesses to integrate their marketing messages with the surrounding content so that they’ll appear beautifully blended, reducing the risk of turning viewers off before getting a chance to reach them.

  1. Publishers in control – The biggest advantage native ads give publishers is the amount of control they maintain over their site’s content. With native advertising, publishers can place content into an environment where it will be seen by any audience of their choice. Websites can maintain their existing style and tone with native advertising without compromising their layout in order to monetize their content.
  2. Captures more attention – With higher visibility, native advertising is much more likely to capture the audience’s attention. As a result offer higher viewing rates, greater conversions, and more engagement than almost any display advertisement. The CTR is 8.8 times higher with native display ads.
  3. More Reach – By featuring sponsored ads on media sites your brand is no longer restricted solely to your website or your personal Social Media following. Native advertising will give small businesses the chance to expand the reach to more consumers. When the native content is engaging, informative and relevant, readers are more likely to engage, share and like the content. Since native advertising can be disguised as valuable content, the consumer is more likely to share that content with their friends or followers on social networks or email, amplifying a brand’s content and special offers. The ability to run billions and billions of adverts and targeting millions of consumers is easily achieved with native advertising.
  4. Ad-block Friendly – Native advertising is nondisruptive, reads like standard content, and doesn’t interrupt the user’s experience. Rather it offers content of interest to promote a product or service. Native offers an excellent way not to irritate target customers. Publishers are looking to native ads as a key strategy against ad blockers.
  5. Brand Image – Branded content is more trustworthy than traditional advertising. Native advertising is shared more, therefore, helps improve brand awareness across online channels. 52% of people said they would be willing to buy or acquire some of the products or services promoted in these types of digital content.
  6. Device responsive  – Native ads tend to render higher engagement from content viewers, thus making them useful for publishers and advertisers on any device or social media platform. Other advertising formats are often cropped or removed from mobile devices to provide a more optimal experience for users whereas regular content in native ads will still appear on your target audience’s radar regardless of their choice of device. On mobile devices, they have an average click-through rate of 1%, while regular ads have click-through rates of 0.15%. Click-through rates on desktops are also higher.
  7. Builds Up Relevance – All big brands recognize the need to create relevant content as part of their marketing messages. 75% of consumers say if content peaks their interest, then they will engage with it. The more a brand engages with an audience using their own language and tools, the more will be sharing opportunities and will develop a stronger relationship with the target market. When brands associate the content with the target’s tastes, they improve their level of shareability. The audience can do marketing by sharing sponsored tweets with friends or liking Facebook posts.
  8. Native Advertising Empowers Customers – Using native advertising, it is possible to present branded content in a subtle and convincing way that offers useable and empowering information to customers. When you’re convincing your customers that you care about more than just their money, they’ll often reward you for this effort with their loyalty.
  9. Providing Transparency – Native ads are clearly marked as sponsored content, so the user isn’t being tricked into clicking on the content. With full transparency, the consumer understands it’s an advertisement but because the algorithm displays native ads that are highly relevant to the content to which he was previously engaged with, the advertiser receives credibility.
  10. Longer Stay – Native ads provide more custom targeting options, which helps advertisers place their offers directly in front of audiences that are likely to be interested in what they are offering. This will provide a better user experience & help the publishers to make the customers stay longer with low bounce rates and longer duration spent on a page.

Round up

With so much content being produced these days, it is getting difficult to find the appropriate target consumers to whom you can rightly serve your content. Native advertising helps to put your content directly into spots where your audience is most likely to read it. Native ads let the brand customize their branded experience to a great extent to suit the product or service offering. It carries the added advantages of digital advertising which include cost-effectiveness, a broad spectrum of audience and the ability to precisely target viewers based on various factors which may include demographics, psychographics, behavioral targeting. Even traditional advertisers across all brand verticals are adopting native advertising as a part of their communication strategy. Hence native advertising types have far exceeded the expectations of digital marketers and is fully future-ready.

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